How to Get 5 Million People to Read Your Website

I ran across this video when I was searching on Youtube. Matthew Inman really wakes you up to getting people to your website.  Matthew owns Oatmeal and is one of the top webcomics out there. Matthew talks about creating the site, his ideas and how he drove traffic to it. While sharing his favorite comic strips, he offers up some advice on how to create successful viral marketing campaigns. Check out his site, It was filmed at Ignite Seattle. Watch more Ignite talks at

You Said It. “I can’t Save A Dime”

52 Weeks To Payout

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Crowdfunding helps defray out-of-pocket medical costs!

we share defer medical cost

Even with Stage IV lung cancer, there are moments when 32-year-old Chip Kennett feels blessed. Over the course of two weeks in April, those moments where many, as 325 friends and family members contributed $56,800 over the Internet to help defray his out-of-pocket medical costs. Kennett’s wife, Sheila, says she was overwhelmed by the generosity. We “kept saying how lucky we were!” she wrote in her blog Team Kennett. “Now just how messed up is that?” The Kennett family of Alexandria is one of thousands turning to the Internet toRead More

Facebook Delivers Another Blow To Brand Pages


Facebook Delivers Another Blow To Brand Pages Chris Crum of Webpronew reports:   Brands have been feeling the sting of deflated organic reach for their Facebook Pages all year, and late on Friday, Facebook announced another blow to those posting promotional content. Long story short, if you post the type of content that Facebook’s algorithm thinks is too promotional, you’re going to take a hit.   Facebook says it asked hundreds of thousands of people how they feel about the content in their News Feeds, and that people told them theyRead More

Crowdfunding Newbie?


Crowdfunding Newbie?   CROWD WHO?   A few short years ago crowdfunding wasn’t even a word. Today, thanks to social networking, an awesome shift in power has taken place. While once only a select few could ever hope to fundraise to the masses, now it has become an avenue for creative individuals who cannot generate the funding from traditional distribution channels. Anyone who has built an online community can leverage it to target, inspire, and achieve goals. That’s because the current social landscape is trending toward community involvement. By embracingRead More