Qmee – Tips and Tricks

One very easy but unknown way of making easy money is through a site called Qmee. Sign up for FREE by clicking here What Is Qmee? Qmee has been established since 2012 and is completely free to use application or extension to Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Simply put it is a site that works […]

Why Qmee?

You’re a savvy web user Why Qmee? You’re a savvy web user, so you know that you have value online to people who want to tell you about their products and services. When you’re looking for stuff to buy or use, there are millions of businesses keen to get your attention. With an ordinary web […]

YouTube Cash Blog

The growing online popularity of videos has opened up big doors to those who use YouTube for their on or offline business. Just the fact that Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion dollars gives you an idea how big this online video platform has become. Many have already taken advantage of this lucrative opportunity. You can see your business […]

Internet Marketing Tips 2015

Anyone who plans to sell goods or services to businesses and markets online must understand the difference between b2b internet marketing and selling directly to a consumer. While some of the basic principles of marketing are the same, there are some differences that if not taken into account can sabotage your marketing efforts. The good […]

DIY Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to sell online products? It is actually not all that difficult to get started selling products online. You don’t even have to create or develop your own product to sell online products. DIY Affiliate Marketing… is a strategy where you sell other people’s products. In affiliate marketing, you are the middleman between a […]

Traffic To Your Website Free

I ran across this video when I was searching on YouTube. Matthew Inman – “How to Get 5 Million People to Read Your Website” really wakes you up to traffic to your website free.  Matthew owns Oatmeal and is one of the top web comics out there. Matthew talks about creating the site, his ideas and how he […]

Crowdfunding helps defray out-of-pocket medical costs!

Even with Stage IV lung cancer, there are moments when 32-year-old Chip Kennett feels blessed. Over the course of two weeks in April, those moments where many, as 325 friends and family members contributed $56,800 over the Internet to help defray his out-of-pocket medical costs. Kennett’s wife, Sheila, says she was overwhelmed by the generosity. […]

Facebook Delivers Another Blow To Brand Pages

Facebook Delivers Another Blow To Brand Pages Chris Crum of Webpronew reports:   Brands have been feeling the sting of deflated organic reach for their Facebook Pages all year, and late on Friday, Facebook announced another blow to those posting promotional content. Long story short, if you post the type of content that Facebook’s algorithm thinks […]

Crowdfunding Newbie?

Crowdfunding Newbie?   CROWD WHO?   A few short years ago crowdfunding wasn’t even a word. Today, thanks to social networking, an awesome shift in power has taken place. While once only a select few could ever hope to fundraise to the masses, now it has become an avenue for creative individuals who cannot generate […]

Get The Most Traffic From Craigslist?

Used wisely, Craigslist becomes a valuable resource to your business. The site is not just for individuals. Many companies across the world use the site to post jobs or advertise services. Craigslist offer more than 700 local sites in 70 countries,” offers you plenty of places to post. But with so many options, choosing the right city […]

What Is Networking?

So what exactly is networking? It can be formal groups or informal groups or social network groups. Formal networks are groups of people that come together for networking purposes or because they have a common interest. One such group is toastmaster, where business people meet and make speeches. Informal networks can consist of friends and acquaintances, colleagues at work, members […]

Business of Social Networking

What are the benefits for your business of social networking? According to Joseph Skoda’s article on ezine, “Social networking is the latest trend today and it will be here to stay for a long time. It is now popular among internet users mainly because it is easy to use and it has many important uses […]

Choosing A Website Designer  

Now that you have decided that it is time to create a website for your business there are many questions you must answer. One of the most important questions is “Who should create my website?” I like to use the analogy of playing music; in as little as a few hours, some people can strum […]